It’s getting colder and colder, Autumn has made his Grande entrance again on the planet earth. While some of us recognize the appearance of autumn by the golden/brown leafs that are falling from the trees, most of us fashionista’s mostly blame autumn for our bursting lips. So to avoid the problem area (which easily could be taken care of with a lip scrum and some healing balm) I will concentrate on the eyes. The eyes are the most important aspects of your face. The eyes are the mirror of the soul and eyes are the first thing you see through a thick winter scarf so let’s concentrate some extra on that area people see the most in the winter.

1.The first
look is inspired by the tattoo artist Kat von D. I really admire her work (even
though I would never get a tattoo myself) and her personal style is very rock
chick meets Dita von Tees glamour.

2.The second
look is a very simple look that could easily spice up your appearance.  

3.The third
look is an old Michelle Phan (inspired by Tim Burton) look. Don’t freak out,
you don’t have to make your skin as light as she makes her skin but the very
warm romantic dark colors she uses for the look are quite stunning and very
good usable to glamour up your make up.

4? Well I almost
forgot to include a make- up look with lots of color, because colors aren’t only
a thing for the summer, by using some complementary colors in to your face you
can enhance your skin color and look healthier, brighter and happier. Colors
make you smile so don’t forget them this winter.