rockstar wishlist

Yet it is time for my wish list. I wanted to spice up my personal style for a while now. I was kind of done with the preppy look, so I want to try something different. I all ready bought some new things for my new rock look, but there are still some items I am craving. So let’s introduce them to you. I hope you like it!

1 Iphone. On thing I am in love with at this moment are Iphone’s. I know it has nothing to do with clothes, but it is a fashion trend right now. I totally want to get my hands on an Iphone 4s (or probably a Iphone 5 at the time I am able to buy one) just so I can use Instagram. I see the instagram pictures everyone is uploading all the time and they look amazing.

2 Creepers. Do I need to say more? They started of as something the English Punk youht wore, but now they are taking over the mainstream fashion. They are so amazing. Sadly they don’t sell them in the Netherlands, so I am planning on ordering them online.

3 Zara Jacket. Love love love this Bordeaux red Zara jacket. I am in love with this color. I have a trouser in this color aswell and would love to add this jacket to my wardrobe. I just really like the motor rock vibe this jacket has.

4 River Island Denim Shirt. Love this shirt. It’s a bohemian take on the recent denim trend.
5 Ted Baker Messenger Bag. Saw this bag on Asos and it’s a must have bag. It will look amazing with almost everything your wearing.

6 Am Eyewear Kaz Sunglasses. I love the AM sunglasses. They are so high fashion. Summer is coming really early this year with these glasses.

7 Topman Shirt. Really love this shirt. The print reminded me of the Bordeaux jacket above.

8 Forever21 keep calm shirt. Really love the message of the shirt. I think this tee is just a must have.

9 Canon 1000D. Just Need a new camera! I want to step it up camera wise and would love to have an SLR camera. The reviews online of the canon 1000D are really positive and most people that start professional photography are using them because they are so light and user friendly.

10 Asos retro bracelet. Really fun neon bracelet.

11 Zara Combined Fabric Dr.Bag. Just love this bag. Want to have this bag for summer.

12 Biotherm Beurre de lèvres. Love this lip balm. My old one is all most empty so I definitely need a new one. Even rock stars once in a while need to keep moisturizing their lips.