I have a little confession to make. The clutch I am wearing isn’t just a clutch I bought in a shop. It’s actually an organizer I got at the office suiply corner at my local department store. First I bought it because I just loved the idea of having a organizer that was see trough, that way I could see what was in to it, but after a while I got bored of it and wanted to do something else with it. After seeing some bloggers transforming their organizers in to fashionable clutches I thought I could do this trick as well. It’s so simple and practical because you can see directly where something is when you are looking for it. So does everyone around you, so I don’t recommend you carrying things you wish not everyone could see. Besides that it’s a really cool do it yourself see trough clutch! Hope you guys like it!

Vintage Navy jacket and trousers // H&M Shirt //  Vans Shoes //  See trough organizer as clutch