Let’s talk
brands. While looking for some cool summer apparel online, which is a lot of
fun to since the sale has been running for a couple of weeks now and most of
the online (and even offline) shops are offering quite a nice sale. After a search
for some fun tee’s to go along with a couple of shorts I bout a couple of days
ago, I shortly stumbled upon Cuckoos Nest Clothing, an Urban brand based in the

Here 3 items I really liked from their Spring/Summer collection.

Stones T-Shirt | Business man Sweater | Paradise 5 panel Cap 
I had never heard of the brand before, therefore seeing their graphic and playful shirts was quite a pleasant surprise. The prints used on the shirts and sweaters are very playful, young but most of all, aren’t taking things too serious. Something that really appealed to me after a long and exhausting fashion week.

What do you guys think of the brand?