Photo’s: Ravi Walia | Fashion Monster 

Let’s talk about wearing something casual such as black. A perfect color for a fashionista on the go. As a self-proclaimed tropical spirit, I am normally attracted to color and prints, the brighter the better, since the world could always use more color in my opinion, yet recently I have been drawn more to the dark side. I all started off with my black turtle neck. 

I must admit it all started out as a hate/love relationship between me and my turtle neck. I thought it optically cut my neck, making it appear even smaller than snookie without heels, but I eventually learned it’s all about the way you style it. The same can be said for the color black. It’s all about styling.
What I love most about black is the fact that you can wear it “ton sur ton”. Something that you can’t pull of with most colors. Don’t see myself wearing this outfit in all yellow very soon for instance. 

To get back to the outfit. I love how adding accessories to this outfit completely changes the whole look. I for instance love to add some sporty sneakers and a chucky gold watch, as I did in this outfit, to make the outfit look more sporty chic and street proof. Perfect when running around the city to get your well-deserved cup of Starbucks.
What are your favorite items to wear while being on the go?

Van Gils Woolen Jacket in Black | WE Fashion Black Cashmere Turtle Neck in Black | H&M slim Jeans in Black | New Balance 574 Sneakers in Bordeaux and White Details | Guess W0244G3 in Rose Gold Tone